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VIM / Bash Prompt Setup For Day to Day Systems Engineering (Git as VCS)

tl;dr: grab my GIST for VIM and bash prompt setup.

In these days of highly automated systems, I work with several languages/DSLs and environments, Ruby, vimlogoPython,Puppet,Ansible, YAML, JSON, Ubuntu,CentOS. In order to optimize my workflow,  I've customized my  VIM and prompt setup quite a bit (all with open source code) and so I thought to share it. I usually work from an Os X laptop (as my host for Linux VMs managed via Vagrant)thus I'm including a couple of tricks for iTerm2, finally some bash prompt goodness.


VI and VIM:Automatic Headers For Shell Scripts

If you landed on this page chances are you already know what an automated header is, if not this post about how to create/edit shell scripts with VI/VIM and have an header automatically created and updated with timestamp on each edit.

I'm writing quite a bit of shell scripts using VIM lately and as a lazy system folk (main skill required by the trade ) I looked into a way to automate my headers. I found this post  on thegeekstuff.com (plenty of good resources, just don't like the spamy ads) but the example is for writing in C and /me != got C?. So I thought I would share here the simple modifications I did to original tutorial to have automated headers for my shell scripts: