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Scaled Out AWS Graphite Federated Cluster

I've hit the limit of "my" AWS Graphite single server install (i2.xl) and I needed to come upScreen Shot 2015-05-07 at 10.04.48 PM with a scaled out design. I'm really looking forward to Jason Dixon Graphite's book, but can't wait for it so I went down the interwebs rabbit hole  (1234567). This is what I've come up with for my needs, maybe this helps somebody else out there, also hoping for feedback from the community.


Apple Software Updates In A Business Environment

There are many ways to deal with Apple Software Updates, here’s the one I’m currently using with the Mac pool (300+) I am in charge of.

1)Automate the download from the mother ships aka Apple servers back to my home planet aka my LAN and make the updates available.

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