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Monitor Sensu Server with Pingdom

If you found yourself in a "who watches the watchmen" situation and need to monitor your Sensu server, here is a solution with Pingdomsensu_logo

Create a Pingdom http check that points to the /health end point ( you'll need to enter your sensu dashboard auth in user name/password in optional settings)  AND select in optional settings/request headers "Accept" and enter this in the empty field


 took me a couple of hours and some tcpdumping to find this out so hopefully it saves some time to other folks out there!


Integrating PagerDuty with Sensu


I'm currently implementing a monitoring pipeline based on Sensu for the monitoring data routing and Graphite for the actual storage and calculations, it wouldn't be complete without a notification systems to it so I thought I would document using PagerDuty at the end of the pipe.

There isn't much to it but the information is spread and not always straight forward (at least it wasn't to me) so hopefully this help other adepts of monitoring love!