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DNS Cracks on Twitter and Baidu

I wonder if the 2 successful and spectacular DNS attacks against 2 major websites (Twitter and Baidu) have anything to do with the DNS Cache Poisining that Dan Kaminsky revealed in 2008. Meh, probably not...

I never went too deep into Dan Kaminsky's rabbit hole (Alice are you there?), after all the main DNS NS I deal with are taken care of by some guy that -hopefully- totally understands this.


Strong Passwords For All

Whether or not one is familiar with Information Systems Security, the concept of the “weakest link” is –I believe– quite easy to understand. 
Let’s imagine a lion is chasing us, and while you might be trying to outrun the lion, I’ll just be trying to outrun you. Yes, a very simple concept indeed...
I hope you understand now–if you didn’t before–why some systems keep refusing your “abc123” password. The topics of password strength as well as social engineering are well covered, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have one more post even if I am echoing others, on the contrary.

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All Your Obscure Methods Are Belong To Us

With such a title you can expect to be immersed in an ocean of geek-o-logic theories and so you will if you keep reading...

Let’s take it straight from the beginning, to me there is no such a thing as a method that can provide 100% security to your systems, maybe in pure Cryptology Theory but not in the real world. This “no 100% security in the real world” [arguable] statement is based on my “no Theory of Everything for the pun humans” belief, and if I am wrong let’s catch up in the next multiverse!