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Running Rundeck Behind Apache Using mod_proxy on CentOS/RHEL6

As I just got Rundeck working behind Apache httpd with mod_proxy and since I didn't find  a dedicated tutorial  on the inter webs I thought to make a quick summary. 


Juniper VPN client aka Network Connect on RHEL 6 (x86_64)

Ok this has taken me quite an effort so hopefully it will save you some time.

On my system RHEL 6 (x86_64) this is what it took to have the Juniper VPN client (aka Network Connect) running.


Network Install via PXE and TFTP on RHEL6 (X86_64)

This is a step by step on how I deployed Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 via PXE and HTTP leveraging exclusively RHEL6.1, my focus will be on the PXE/TFTP-DHCP part as the HTTP based installation is well documented by Red Hat. In terms of hardware I had available 2 DELL Precision 5400 (2 NICs per machine), and an HP Procurve 2824 Switch (yes overkill).


RHEL 6 (X86_64) and Nvidia driver with Geforce 8800 GTS

As I'm preparing for the Red Hat System Administrator certification I thought I would use my old gaming PC so I got an Academic license and installed RHEL6 so I could tinker at home...Oh boy...So far most of the pain has come from issues with my GeForce 8800GTS, or at least that's what I've gathered from the many steps I've been through to get X window and KDE to work.

I'm totally fine with runlevel 3 but a hanging "init 5" was not a satisfactory install and so I spent 2 evenings "google fu'ing" to finally get successfully to runlevel 5.

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