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Running Rundeck Behind Apache Using mod_proxy on CentOS/RHEL6

As I just got Rundeck working behind Apache httpd with mod_proxy and since I didn't find  a dedicated tutorial  on the inter webs I thought to make a quick summary. 


Juniper VPN client aka Network Connect on RHEL 6 (x86_64)

Ok this has taken me quite an effort so hopefully it will save you some time.

On my system RHEL 6 (x86_64) this is what it took to have the Juniper VPN client (aka Network Connect) running.


Network Install via PXE and TFTP on RHEL6 (X86_64)

This is a step by step on how I deployed Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 via PXE and HTTP leveraging exclusively RHEL6.1, my focus will be on the PXE/TFTP-DHCP part as the HTTP based installation is well documented by Red Hat. In terms of hardware I had available 2 DELL Precision 5400 (2 NICs per machine), and an HP Procurve 2824 Switch (yes overkill).