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Create MCollective plugin native OS packages with…MCollective!

Today I wanted to install the MCollective Process Agent plugin and so I searched to no luck for a native OS package for ubuntu (ended up filling a 500px-Panneau_marionette.svgticket with puppetlabs). I was on my way to do some effing package making  but some guy on IRC ("rc" you know who you are ^^ ) saved me a lot of time with a single mco command. It turns out MCollective can create native os packages for its plugins, and since I haven't found any doc on the topic I thought I document it here.


Highlight Code WordPress Plug In

I realized that I was often going to have code within a post (I have some bash scripts and my iptables rules ready to publish), thus I looked for a wordpress plugin to make it a little easier to read and/or download without interfering with worpdress posts code.Wordpress-logo

After reading this post I decided to go with the Easy Google Syntax Highlighter by Nick Burlock a fork of Alex Gorbachev original Google Syntax Highlighter. Still reading the documentation here and here but it looks like it's exactly what I was looking for, WordPress FTW!

edit: Since I use the Lightword Theme by Andrei Luca I modified my style.css according to the plug in FAQ and it works perfectly as you can see in this post

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