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Dynamic Guest(RHEL6 and cousins)/Host(Os X) Time Zone Sync in Vagrant (VirtualBox Provider)

If like me you're in charge of the vagrant base boxes supporting a team with folks in different time zones you might find this hack useful. I use it to bring the time zone of a Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 6.07.36 PMRHEL 6 or cousins (tested on CentOS 6.4) guest VM to the same as an Os X host (tested on 10.7.5) in Vagrant, VirtualBox provider environment. I'm leveraging an Os X CLI utility  with a shell provisioner but it shouldn't be too much of a deal to refactor for Ansible/Puppet/Chef provisioner. I'm pretty sure there are better ways of doing this, so if you have a more elegant solution please describe it in the comments!


Resources For Systems Architecture In An Apple Environment

I have been quite busy with my new job the past few months, but I hope to be back to a more active blogging starting with this post!

Since I've recently designed and implemented an HPC/HA system with mostly Apple technologies I thought to share some of the resources I used to achieve that goal.


Automating Os X Server Backups Without 3rd Party Software

There are plenty of different options to backup Os X Server, including free tools like the excellent Mike Bombich’s Carbon Copy Cloner and Open Source ones like lbackup or amanda. Michael Dhaliwal has a pretty good paper that he updates and publishes on his company (i.e. district13 computing) website.

For various reasons not worth listing here I decided to come with my own design while relying exclusively on built in tools (e.g. launchd). I thought this might help other OS X Server Admins so here it is.

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Maximizing Os X Server Uptime

This is the first of 3 posts about the design I have implemented in my current position. Please note if you plan to use this as a reference that this setup was strictly meant for this particular environment so you *will* have to adapt it.

When it comes to uptime one of the way to go is to look at your design from Murphy’s perspective and come with the appropriate counter measure (e.g N+1 redundancy) for each different issue your can think of.

Here is my approach for an X Serve running Open Directory and AFP with a Vtrak Promise for User Data.

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Apple Software Updates In A Business Environment

There are many ways to deal with Apple Software Updates, here’s the one I’m currently using with the Mac pool (300+) I am in charge of.

1)Automate the download from the mother ships aka Apple servers back to my home planet aka my LAN and make the updates available.

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Modify Default Printing Presets in Os X (10.5 & 10.6)

There you are with some customized printing presets for your fancy new printer and yet for some reason every time you open a new printing box the one showing up by default is not the want you wanted : 2000px-Gnome-dev-printerfail

So you looked all over the OS, read some forums, used your Google-Fu and finally got to this post. Search no more the answer is here as seen on TV!


Network Bandwidth Testing At The Command Line

Whether when I’ve been designing networks for schools or BYOC parties , I’ve played with ethernet cables long Bangkok_traffic_by_g-hatenough to allow some custom tricks when it comes to bandwidth. The point of this post is *testing* not troubleshooting laaaaaaaaaag nor monitoring.

Nothing can truly emulate a bunch of hardcore gamers, leechers, hackers pushing your network to its limits but prior to opening your RJ45 gates you can certainly do some testing with the help of some command line tools and some basic scripting.

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AppleScript to create a “ShowDesktop” shortcut

When I’m on Os X I often miss the “show desktop” shortcut icon you can easily get on Windows. applescriptYes, there is the expose version but it doesn’t really work the same. My Google-fu showed few solutions (like clicking a visible piece of your desktop while holding option+command down) but none that I liked so here is my input.