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Project Gnomonos: Online Report Cards in Php/MySQL

First, some history background on Gnomonos. It was started in 2005 as a custom Php/MySQL system to suit the needs for Lower School Report Cards at French American International School. Harry Chesley, a parent volunteer, very generously offered to develop the application for free.


The core was originally designed while collaborating with the tech-savvy Curriculum Coordinator, Pascal Vallet.

At that time I had just moved from France to work at French American as Technology Coordinator. In 2006 Pascal Vallet moved to Indonesia (he is now Principal of the EIFB) and I took over as the interface between the Developer and the Administration. The project grew old and I became more and more involved on the system side less on the administrative one. In 2007, Harry officially ended his work on Gnomonos and published on SourceForge.net. The code remained unchanged until September 2009 when we needed to update Gnomonos. It is the change we made in the identification process that I thought might interest some people out there.