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Why You Should Measure Lead Time Systematically

devopsdays-logoAbout a year ago, I was interviewing quite a bit and many of the jobs had "DevOps" somewhere either in the title or the description, unfortunately several times I felt like the companies that were trying to hire me hadn't done their homework in terms of researching what DevOps is about. Luckily around that time Gene Kim was presenting at an SVDevOps meetup and gave an excellent tip about gaining fast insight about a company status in terms of DevOps practices: "Cycle Time" (aka "Lead Time") and "Deployment Rate".


Angry -Technical Documentation- Nerd

Sa-potpourriToday while exploring another revolutionary-ultra-scalable-and-easy-to-setup tool  I decided the amazing-and-incredible amount of gobbledygook I found on that page justified a post, albeit a short one.

As a "systems guy" I spend a lot of my professional time deploying and/or reusing code/tools somebody else wrote, my point being reading technical documentation is a second nature. It then seems logic to think I'm a target of such docs and so here is for the feedback loop...


2012 Year In Blogging

I thought this was pretty cool !

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ChefConf 2012: I was there!

Last week I attended the inaugural ChefConf 2012, the 1st conference about Chef organized by the company at its origin i.e. OpsCode; here are some "post-conf thoughts".

If there was only one thing to note from this gathering it would be this: Amazing Community. These folks lead by example when it comes to being friendly, positive, knowledgable and willing to share, the "No Asshole Rule" is a default in real life and online. As a matter of fact even though I'm just getting started with Chef I already feel like a member of the tribe. Although I have to admit attending ChefConf 2012 wasn't a coincidence as I've been reading, listening, participating to a lot of DevOps conversations for "some" time now and Configuration Management tools such as Chef are a corner stone.


This “DevOps” thing

If you're curious about the "devops" movement there was a very good presentation by John Willis from Devops Cafe at the last "Build a Cloud Day" that I thought was a pretty good summary, truth is he sold me on his incoming book "Devops Cookbook" and the Lean Startup (which I don't think he's getting any royalties from as far as I know). Oh man Cloud and Devops in the same post, buzz word jackpot =D. Video and slides embedded from bliptv and slideshare.


Teach Yourself Python

I originally became interested in Python via Google folks public communications, after that I kept reading about it in many "Systems Oriented" blogs. Long story short I decided to learn Python and in agreement with my autodidactic nature I started the free resource hunting while putting my google-fu to work, here's what I found.


Be Zen, Be Presentation Zen…

One more conference and once again I feel like shouting "PLEASE STOP THE BULLET ATTACK". If you are reading this you probably have already presented and you will be put in the seat of the presenter again; when that day comes please remember all the useless powerpoint bullets you never read as part of the audience.

I'm not asking we all suddenly becomes "Duarte Gods Of Presentation" but please, watch Garr Reynold speaking at Google and you will see the world of presentation differently, for the better!

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Insights from LISA’2010

LISA '10Last week I attended Usenix-Large Installation System Administration 2010 and it certainly deserves a post.

First of all if you are into Systems and you can make it, don't miss this event! From PetaBytes storage hard core technics to performance tuning your *nix boxes, there are lots of high quality data for lots of folks from many different backgrounds.

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Resources For Systems Architecture In An Apple Environment

I have been quite busy with my new job the past few months, but I hope to be back to a more active blogging starting with this post!

Since I've recently designed and implemented an HPC/HA system with mostly Apple technologies I thought to share some of the resources I used to achieve that goal.


Hats Off

With increasing general interest in “Cyber Security” I feel compelled to write about this Black/Grey/White Hat “thing”. This is not an ego trip about how important my opinion is, it’s about curiosity, experimentation and facts, 3 concepts essentials to Science...Bingo!