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My name is Jaime Gago and this is my personal website. I publish here content related to Information Systems and insights on the Digital World.

About The Author

I was born in the south of Spain, then moved to the French side of the Bask Country where I went to school from Kindergarden to College. The serious geek inside was born with the day I was introduced to “technology”, or the–arcade rooms– where long before becoming a teenager I was already spending too much time. My entrance in the "grownup world" never made me forget where I came from, I still play Video Games and don’t plan to stop, unfortunately I disconnected from the gaming scene -I was organizing events- when I moved to the United States, but my friends at the Euskal Party are still hard at it, search for euskal party pictures if you don't trust me ! I followed the path for autodidacts, first computer for best ever Xmas at age 12 then got into Math & Science in High School and College, opening everything that worked with electricity especially when it had a circuit board inside, didn’t always put it back together successfully... My "official" carrer started in 2001 when I got hired to manage the computer systems for a French Public school of a thousand students. In 2005 I had the opportunity to move to San Francisco and work for the French American International School where I took good care of the Academic Information Systems, in 2009 I left FAIS for Stanford to work on Lecture/Capture automated system of the Li Ka Shing Center for Knowledge, after that I worked for 2 years as a Systems Engineer at Entwine, where amongst other things (e.g. designing and implementing a continuous delivery pipeline) I evangelized DevOps practices to the Opencast community.

I’m married to an enlightened and extraordinary woman, Barbra . Amongst other activities I enjoy wearing my short and flip flops watching a sunset at the beach after a warm day of surfing but since this is pretty rare in Northern California I have to travel quite often!

I hold a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from the University of Picardie (France).

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  • Unix/Linux Systems Administration (City College of San Francisco)
  • Apple Certified Systems Administrator
  • Apple Certified Media Administrator
  • Apple Certified Technical Coordinator
  • Apple Certified Support Professional
  • Apple Certified XSan 2 Administrator
  • Apple Certified Pro Final Cut Server


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